When Cicero had finished speaking, the people said, “How well he spoke” but when Demosthenes had finished speaking, they said...

“Let Us March!”

Dr Mahmood Mawjee
Meet Dr Mahmood Mawjee, ONCE a mild mannered dentist - NOW a Renowned Business Performance Psychologist and The UK's Most IMPACTFUL And RESULTS ORIENTATED Business Speaker.
Hear him speak, find the warrior inside of you ... and start living the life you were actually born to live!

Dr Mahmood Mawjee


Need a High Octane Speaker for Your Next Meeting or Event?

If you are a conference or event organiser, you can book Dr Mahmood Mawjee to speak at your next sales meeting, trade show, conference or networking event, confident that he will connect with your audience and deliver a presentation that will not only enable them to figure out why they are not yet realising their true potential but also inspire them to take consistent results generating action in the days, weeks and months after.

What Previous Attendees Gained From Hearing Mahmood Mawjee Speak ...

"I was blown away by Mahmood’s energy, enthusiasm and insight. I’ve seen first-hand how he helps entrepreneurs and business development professionals get out of their own way, start achieving their goals and take their earning potential to a new level. Mahmood fires people up and offers real, actionable guidance in personal and business growth."

Patrick Martins


Mahmood has a unique gift for understanding what motivates us, drives us and more importantly what holds us back from realising our true potential. From a group of budding entrepreneurs in Solihull to a room full of billionaires in Davos, audiences all over the world give him their rapt attention as he takes them on a journey of increased self awareness and fires up their ambition for exponential growth!